Identify company objectives.

First and foremost, clear objectives that align with business goals need to be developed so that there is some sense of direction for the social media efforts. Based on the Netflix business model and recent social content, the following objectives have been identified:

  1. Brand awareness: Increase awareness of new releases and divert attention away from competitors
  2. Customer experience: Boost customer satisfaction of product
  3. Security and risk mitigation: Protect customers and organization from threats detectable on social media.

Set SMART Goals

Establishing well-defined goals offer actionable counterparts to the aforementioned objectives. Goals that are SMART, or specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely help to focus efforts and increase the chances of achieving the goal (Blitch, 2021; Corporate Finance Institute, 2021). Netflix SMART goals include:

  1. Increase social share of voice and engagement by 2 percent by the end of Q1.
  2. Use social monitoring to identify and respond to customer service concerns within 1hour.
  3. Identify and address PR threats within 24 hours.

Determine social KPIs to track

Now that clear, well-defined goals have been been established, the social media key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics that help track progress toward the goals, should be selected (Clarke, 2019). The following are the KPIs defined by Hootsuite that will help Netflix determine if goals have been attained:

  1. Social share of voice (SSoV)- mentions in a reporting period divided by total mentions in the industry x 100
  2. Amplification rate- shares divided by followers x 100
  3. Virality rate- shares divided by impressions x 100
  4. Customer satisfaction score (CSat)- measures how happy people are with your product or service and utilizes a survey
  5. Net promoter score (NPS)- a reputation indicator, measures customer loyalty and also utilizes a survey (Clarke, 2019).



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